Best 3 online Trading courses

For those wanting to trade for the first time, completing a comprehensive online trading course can be very useful. The truth is that trading isn’t as difficult as it has been made out to be. Everything lies in having clarity and above all avoiding one’s own wrong opinions: this is why following the best trading course is so important.
But which are the best online trading courses? Where can I find the best trading lessons?

Let’s firstly point out that there are thousands of offers for online trading courses available on the Internet. Many of these, however, are low quality courses, while others are paid ones. People approaching online trading for the first time have the goal of earning as much money as possible, as quickly as possible. These people will often choose the first trading course they come across, regardless of the fact that it may be a paid course, or even worse, that it does not offer quality material.

A quality trading course must achieve its goal of teaching those who take it to earn while trading. A trading course for example on CFD ( see here what CFD are) must not be based on theory: this isn’t school after all, and we aren’t trying to memorize Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Trading course lessons should be easy to understand and must be structured so that the trader, even if inexperienced, can immediately apply learned concepts. A good trading course must not begin with complicated concepts, especially if it is the first course one looks at. Starting with hard to comprehend materials is a guarantee of failure.

When trading online, the measure of one’s knowledge is the money earned, day in, day out. End of story. We say this because unfortunately many online trading courses, especially paid ones, are full of theory and do not offer any practical lessons. Those who follow these courses, even after paying high participation fees, in the end do not become the best traders. Quite the contrary, they tend to become more confused.

Unfortunately, the gurus who create these courses aim to fill people’s heads with complicated concepts (they repeatedly repeat the word Fibonacci, so cool) to justify the high cost of their courses. To be honest, I’m not a guru of online trading: many of those who sell an online trading course have never traded on the stock market, they are simply very savvy and manage to reel in the most naive who want to start trading online right away and are willing to spend money.

Free online trading courses
These courses often cost a lot of money, sometimes more than 1,000 euro (we also found a package being sold for 7,000 euro). These courses are useless, they are offered by people who believe themselves to be gurus of online trading but don’t live trading 24/7, they live through their courses. It’s better, much better, to rely on completely free courses. In fact there are many free online trading courses and some are actually very good.

Which are the best online trading courses? The best way to learn online trading is to follow the courses offered by major brokers. Brokers usually offer their courses free of charge to their members. Opening an account with a broker is easy and free: no deposit required.

Why are we stating that broker courses are better? Here are the main reasons:

They are completely free
They are written by people who really know what online trading is (in fact they are interested in trading, not in selling courses)
They are extremely practical (very little theory, tons of facts)
You can apply the concepts learned directly with the broker who produced them
At this point we can move on to examine the different brokers based on the quality of their teaching materials available to traders. What are the best online trading courses?

Here, according to us, are the 3 best courses for trading online:

24option: is one of the most famous and most loved brokers from all traders across Europe. 24option offers a free e-book explaining in detail how to trade online: from basics to advanced strategies. It’s a really useful online course because it not only explains how to do trade online but above all transforms the student into a war machine, able to earn like the best.

To download the 24option course, click here. The course can be downloaded for free. this is a broker that offers the best trading course for beginners. Thanks to you can really understand how trading works, step by step, even if you are starting off knowing absolutely nothing. This course is highly recommended for those who don’t even know what online trading is.

To get the course, simply register with you can do so by clicking here. is the broker with the most intuitive interface. It offers everyone an unlimited demo account: no deposit required. The demo account has no time limit or volume limits. In short, thanks to not only can you learn online trading thanks to a good free course, but you can apply the concepts learned with a demo account, with no risks involved.

If you are interested in learning more, here is our review of one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the online trading world. offers online trading courses to all its members, detailing how to earn on the financial markets. Every week a course is offered via the internet and, periodically, there are also free live sessions for all members.

We particularly like these online trading courses because they have proven to create traders who can earn. Not everyone who follows these courses will become market wizards, this is true, but all those who take the time to complete these courses will certainly be able to understand how the financial markets work and how to maximize profits. When it comes to free online trading courses, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Online trading school
Online trading is a very profitable occupation and you can start with a very small investment. For this exact reason many beginners are looking for a trading school that solves all their problems and quickly makes them rich.

Unfortunately there are no trading schools that actually work. On the internet you can find some trading schools but these are very costly (you have to invest at least 1,000 euro for a basic course) and the results aren’t guaranteed.

The only trading school that really works is the combination of a good free trading course (the absolute best is 24option) and practising trading within a demo account.

Truth be told you don’t need schooling and above all you don’t need to spend money, to learn online trading: you can do everything for free but it takes time and a willingness to learn.

Fineco online trading courses
Fineco is one of the more famous brokers, mostly for marketing reasons and because it belongs to Unicredit, one of the largest Italian banks. It is also true that Unicredit will probably have to sell it to prolong the agony a few more months, but that’s another matter entirely. The fact is that Fineco is very well-known, especially among beginner traders who are perhaps struck by its obsessive advertising on the internet and in print. Very often these beginners also look for Fineco online trading courses. Unfortunately this course does not work as well as you might think: content is scarce and not very useful, and the language is unnecessarily complex. Overall it uses too many difficult words and very few tips on how to profit from trading. You’d be better off choosing a different course.

First steps in online trading
What is the best way to take those important first steps in online trading? Surely it must be starting with a good, safe, reliable, and honest broker. Once your account has been opened, studying the trading course made available directly by the broker is of the utmost importance. We have listed the 3 best free trading courses offered by brokers below.

An online trading course shouldn’t be looked at in a static way: it is not something you read and memorize. The best way to take the first steps in online trading is to directly apply the concepts you are studying to real situations as you go.

That’s why it’s important to do both contemporaneously: study and practice. This can be done with demo accounts, so you can experiment without taking any monetary risks. Be careful, however: don’t assume the demo account will make you the best trader ever. Matter factly, when trading with a demo account, one fundamental aspect is absent: your emotions.

Let us clarify: trading is not just a matter of technique but is above all a matter of controlling your emotions. The best traders, those who earn more, are not the ones who understand trading strategies and techniques better than you, they instead are those who have the courage to conquer their emotions.

This is a learned skill that takes time and can’t be taught by any online trading course: the only way to acquire this experience is to trade in real mode, with real money, because these emotions are inexorably tied to money: fear of loss and greed.

The right path to becoming a trader, therefore, requires that sooner or later you take a big step and start trading with real money. At the beginning investments can be small: the important thing is that the chosen platform offers a well though out course. That’s why most traders choose

To open your free account on click here.

Studying online trading is not enough
So far we have successfully examined the best online trading courses in detail. But unfortunately, studying them is not enough: there is only one way to really learn online trading and it is by actually trading.

When studying a course it’s essential to immediately apply all concepts learned: for this reason it’s advisable to have a good online trading platform available to you. All the best online trading platforms provide a free demo account with which you can trade with on the financial markets with virtual money, so you don’t risk anything.

Studying a good free trading course and immediately applying its concepts with a demo account is a winning strategy:

It costs nothing: the best courses and the best platforms are free
You risk nothing: demo platforms allow you to trade without any monetary risk
You really learn: it’s one thing to read about trading strategies, it’s another thing entirely to apply concepts with a demo account. You will make mistakes at the beginning and risk nothing as these mistakes don’t have monetary consequences.
Beliefs that limit your success with online trading
Some beginners are able to achieve success by trading on the markets but unfortunately not all will succeed. The best starting point to succeed with financial trading is by far a good course. In this article we’ve suggested some of the best free courses that will allow you to pick up trading. We have also suggested a winning strategy that consists of starting with a course and immediately applying what you learn by trading with a demo account (without monetary risks).

Going about trading this way is a guarantee for those who want to easily succeed, despite there being obstacles that prevent the achievement of their objectives. Unfortunately these are not external but internal obstacles: some traders have doubts that hinder and limit their progress.

The worst of these doubts is that online trading is difficult. Let’s be clear about this: we have always stressed the fact that trading is not a game and that continued efforts are necessary to achieve the desired results. At the same time, however, trading is not difficult and you can learn it (with a good course) even when staring from scratch.

Another doubt is that trading takes a high amount of available capital: that simply isn’t true. The best online trading brokers, such as 24option or, allow you to start with an initial low investment of 100 euro. It goes without saying, nonetheless, that you can practice with a demo account for as long as you want before making any sort of deposit and tapping into your funds.

From all the above we can conclude that trading online is not difficult (we have suggested the best courses for you to learn with) and does not require large investments. Trading isn’t for everyone but if you want to trade you have all the tools at your disposal to be successful. Your biggest obstacles are the ones you have imposed on yourself!