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Top 4 investment tips for 2018

To start us off, let’s declare that 2018 will be the year to make your money work for you.

The number one way of securing your finances is through investing in viable ventures. In finance, especially personal finance, it is advisable to invest any extra money you have, or money you can afford to squeeze out of your income.

We know that figuring out where to put that extra money with the intention of multiplying it may be challenging because most of us are not finance or investment experts. Here are 4tips for you to consider in 2018.


#1 You need to pay off your credit card debts

You need to pay off your credit card debts - Top 4 investment tips for 2018
To some, this may not seem like an investment however, it is the first logical thing you need to do if you are going to invest successfully. Debt is not your friend and it will often affect your ability to invest therefore, pay off all your credit cards so that you can have extra money in your hands to invest with. You will have more financial wiggle room when you are not tied down by debts.


#2 You need to learn to play defense

You need to learn to play defense - Top 4 investment tips for 2018
Currently, the stock market is generally doing great therefore investing in stocks is a good idea. However, there are signs that a recession is coming therefore you need to prepare for this. Playing defense will not involve selling all your stock and exiting the stock market, it actually means choosing stock that is less prone to the effects of a recession such as dividend growth stocks. These types of stock are known to withstand recessions in the stock market.


#3 Trust your bank more

Trust your bank more - Top 4 investment tips for 2018
Thanks to Trump, financial stocks have been on a growth trajectory with the sector currently boasting of an average of about an 18 per cent growth since he was elected. You could check out how the Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase have been performing to get a clear understanding of what we mean. It is interesting to note that financial experts project a further increase in the value of such stock owing to the favorable government regulations that Trump is proposing to introduce. This is definitely a good place to put your money.


#4 You should buy a home

You should buy a home - Top 4 investment tips for 2018
This is a bit controversial because a number of investment and financial experts believe that your home cannot be regarded as a good investment. This may be true in the sense that if you invest let’s say $300,000 into something like a stock index fund, the return will be much higher over a certain period of time in comparison to the value of your home. However, investing in your home has its own set of benefits. For starters, money you would have allocated to paying rent now becomesa form of savings. Secondly, most of us buy homes with borrowed money therefore, the 3 per cent annual price gain will significantly go up therefore increasing the property value over time.

These are just 4 tips and we are sure there are many more. We would love to hear more from you through our feedback page.

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